The 3 Disadvantages of Using Social Media to Market Your Business Online

The 3 Disadvantages of Using Social Media to Market Your Business Online

In the recent few years, social media has grown to become a potent marketing platform. These days, both startups, and reputable businesses have their own social media pages to share their new and existing products with their audience. And with social media users expected to cross the 4 billion mark by 2020, this is an excellent opportunity for more businesses to grow their customer base and increase their bottom-line. However, social media comes with its fair share of disadvantages outlined below:

Using social media for selling products online is time-consuming and energy-draining

To reap the fruits of social media, you have to dedicate a ton of time and effort to engage in it. In other words, you have to post and engage with your social media followers frequently because that’s what social media is designed for. You have to be there to answer their questions and make them believe in your brand. All these activities can take up a big chunk of your time, and with no tool to measure your results, you may quickly tap out.

You’ll be met with negative comments when promoting your business online through social media

Everyone knows how social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn work. Everyone has the freedom to like, share and comment. So if you promote your products through social media, you’ll get a cocktail of good and bad reviews. And the worst part is even your competitors can post comments about your products. While some negative comments can be constructive, others are downright antagonizing. You can minimize the effect of negative comments by replying to it politely and offering a solution, but you can’t nullify or delete it. While social media platforms give you the power to delete comments, doing so will worsen the situation.

Selling products online through social media comes with the risk of hackers getting your information

If you follow the Twitter news, then you’ve probably heard of a ton of complaints about people’s accounts being hacked. For example, the famous hack that happened to the Whitehouse Twitter account that stated that terrorists had bombed it, and President Obama injured, sent ripples across the globe. So if a powerful twitter account can be hacked, yours can be a walk in the park for hackers.


Know the disadvantages stated above before you create a social media account to promote your business online. This way, you can put up safeguards to ensure that you don’t become a statistic.

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